Jody Allard

I'm a Seattle-based wordsmith with more than 15 years of editorial experience across content types and industries.

My career spans the gamut from technical and UX writing and editing at Microsoft and T-Mobile, newspaper and magazine publishing, and editorial project management for a marketing agency specializing in technology companies and SaaS products. Along the way, I've been lucky enough to freelance for some of the country's largest publications.

I've chosen a few of my favorite pieces to showcase here. Reach out for more information or other work samples.

10 Ways Your Family Can Subscribe to Sustainable Food | .com

The sustainable food business is hot and startups are jumping into the market to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers. These new services run the gamut from crowd-sourced beef to shipping container gardens, and they're making it easier than ever to ditch the grocery store. With the help of these services, you'll be extolling the merits of grass-fed beef and farm-to-table food in no time. There's nothing new about buying a cow from a local farm. The problem is that it can be difficult to

Rape culture is a man problem. Why aren’t more men speaking up?

There was a time when I believed it was up to women to change the legal system. I said women had to keep reporting their rapes because reporting them was the only way to change a broken system. I was wrong. It’s never been the job of women to dismantle rape culture. Rape culture was created and perpetuated by men. It flourishes and thrives because it suits men. Rape culture is a man problem, and it’s up to men to solve it. The Stanford sexual-assault case showed women that our bodies and our l

Community Gardens Won't Lose Ground to High-Tech Urban Farms

To serve neighborhoods, they need to work together. Urban farmers are increasingly leveraging technologies like machine learning and smartphone integration to build high-yield farms in small urban spaces. And while it may seem that those innovations upend the “slow food” idea of working together in the dirt to grow organic zucchini or lettuce, sharing time and crops with neighbors, the success of these higher-tech projects may hinge on the support of local community gardeners. In theory, a comm

Does an App That Measures Your Suicide Risk Violate Your Rights?

It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel: a program that could detect whether a teenager is at risk of committing suicide simply by analyzing their speech patterns. But researchers at the University of Southern California say that soon they might be able to do just that. And for this technology to be the most effective, it might need to be a covert operation. USC's Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) made headlines when it debuted SimSensei, a "virtual human" that can pro

Where do adults belong in the 'March for Our Lives?' All the way in the back

My daughter and her peers have shown me that change is possible and perhaps even inevitable. In only a few days and weeks, teens across the country have heard the rallying cry of Parkland survivors and created dozens of local "March for Our Lives" events. My daughter has held meetings, prepared press releases, spoken to media, run social media accounts and even worked with T-shirt designers to create merchandise to raise money for our local event and the national one. And she's just one teen, in